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  • Original Sollatek Volt-shield Stabilizers Switchers, protect your appliances against power surge fluctuations voltage damage with an inbuilt surge protector/suppressor. This unit features, wide input voltage Range: 220V ~ 270V design for that extra reliability voltage protection, sleek compact design, Resettable circuit breaker, Delay/underlay function, Built to last with European standard, comes in different sizes(KVA) for higher loads, for people of style and comfort.

    Sollatek Hi-Volt Guard
    Automatically disconnects power when it is bad
    Eliminate the need to switch off appliances when electricity fails
    Protection against:
    High voltage
    Power-back surges
    Basic Lightning
    Ideal for: Hi-Fi, Video, TV, PABX, Fax machines and all electronic equipment up to 5 amps
    Max power: 5 Amps
    Wait time: 30 Seconds
    Weight: 250 gm
    Dimensions: 250 x 130 x 95mm
    Nominal voltage: 220/240V

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