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    Spray On - Wipe Off

    Works on all surfaces such as Plastic, Vinyl, Carpet, Fabric

    Removes dirt, grease and grime

    Excellent Spot Remover
    Product Description

    Key Features of Cyclo Max Clean All-Purpose Foam Cleaner:
    Deep-cleaning foaming action lifts dirt, grease & grime
    Cleans, shines & restore true colour & appearance
    Removes grease, grime, soap scum, finger marks, hair spray, soot & smoke film
    Also, an excellent spot remover!
    1001 uses for washable and painted surfaces.
    Auto & Boat: Vinyl & fabric upholstery, carpets & floot mats, chrome, whitewalls & wheels, dash boards and door panels, Vinyl tops and head-liners, fiberglass.
    Home: Appliances, porcelain, ceramic tile, formica, exhaust venta and hoods, bathroom fixtures, screens, fans, blinds, athletic shoes, sports equipment, vinyl and fabric upholstery and more.
    1. Shake Well
    2. Spray on surface to be cleaned. If surface is extremely dirty, allow 30 seconds to penetrate.
    3. Scrub with damp cloth, sponge or brush (if required).
    4. Wipe clean with dry cloth. To avoid spotting, wipe overspray from glass or car finish before it dries.
    Note: For stains on Upholstery, fabrics carpets or latex paint, test small area for color-fastness. For plastics and fiberglass, rinse afterward. Do not use on varnished surfaces.

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